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  • Apricot Preserves

    At the first taste of our Apricot Preserves you’ll immediately notice the sweet and tart taste of real…

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  • Chopped Basil

    It’s known as one of the most flavorful ingredients in cooking. Basil adds unique taste to just about…

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  • Chopped Garlic

    Polaner Chopped Garlic in a jar is ready to use at a moment’s notice. You’ll love the crisp…

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  • Concord Grape Jelly

    Polaner Grape Jelly is tart with just the right amount of sweetness. This unmistakable fresh fruit taste has…

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  • Crushed Garlic

    Convenient on so many levels, Polaner Chopped Garlic helps any food lover add real fresh garlic flavor to…

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  • Large Cut Garlic

    For garlic lovers who like to pack a punch into their meals, Polaner Large Cut Garlic is just…

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